You can start making jokes about the iPhone SE X from today, but with rumors and speculation carrying great hopes for the performance of the $999 iPhone X this year, there’s now some intelligence speaking to an iPhone with a similar form factor next year of a lower-cost ilk.

The Economic Daily News out of Taiwan reports that the iPhone X, codenamed “Lisbon,” may be followed by something called “Hangzhou,” and analysts say that this could be a budget bid to bolster market share in China and India, two regions with dulling enthusiasm for Apple’s premium products — most of the competition is seen to be Huawei, OPPO and Xiaomi and all three manufacturers have traditionally play lean on margins.

If iPhone X production is seen to be keeping up with demand throughout the first half of 2018, Apple may still have quite the fiscal year to report to investors — the current one started this month. Parts manufacturers and assemblers may have to cope with multiple SKUs of different models, potentially overextending what’s already a fragile supply chain.

Already, there’s speculation about the product mix led by two iPhones with OLED displays and one with a more economical LCD in the iPhone X’s extended aspect ratio. There’s no word on if this device will be attuned for iPhone SE buyer types or if this is an alternative flagship — keep in mind that the iPhone SE cost $399 at launch and a new, regular iPhone model costed $649 prior to the iPhone 8.

There are plenty of details to be hammered out, if this phone that’s told to exist makes headway in development.

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