Losing ear tips of a wearable audio device or getting it damaged is quite annoying, and when that device happens to be the AirPods Pro, it morphs into an expensive mistake. Until now, AirPods Pro users had to take help from the Apple support channel to get replacement ear tips in case they lose or damage the ones in the retail package.

That changes now, as Apple has started selling replacement ear tip sets for the AirPods Pro in all three sizes. A set of 2 replacement ear tip costs $7.99, and you can pick it up in any of the three sizes available on Apple’s website.

But do keep in mind that you can’t order a set of mixed sized ear tips, as you have to choose between the large, medium, and small sizes. So think well what size AirPods Pro ear tips provided the most comfortable fit before ordering a replacement set.

Source: Apple

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