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Logitech V500 Cordless Notebook Mouse

By Jared Miniman April 11, 2005, 12:00 am


As a regular traveler, I'm constantly looking for new and innovative ways to carry fewer items in my possession without leaving the essentials at the office. I've never been too keen on so called laptop micro mice. They simply have been too small for my hand and too uncomfortable over extended periods of time. Plus, their super short cords are neither durable nor usable when back at my real desktop. Logitech, one of the premiere mice innovators, recently took a stab at the micro market with their V500 Cordless Notebook Mouse. Not only is it cordless, but it's designed to be super portal by providing a storage chamber for the wireless USB adapter and a carrying case. In addition, it has one of the coolest scrolling "wheels" I've ever seen. Has iPod design met the mouse? Read on!



We've come to expect top-notch accuracy from Logitech products, but I'd have to say the coolest part of this new product is in the packing. Check out the pictures below to learn what I'm talking about.


You'll be hard pressed to find a mouse today that doesn't auto-detect as a generic Human Interface Device under Windows XP. The V500 is no exception. However, to get some useful information about your mouse not supported by the generic Mouse control panel, you'll need to install the mammoth SetPoint product from the included installation CD-ROM. When downloaded from the web, it's a 19 MB download. Ouch! Below you'll find how you can tweak the basic settings along with what the nearly 20 meg download gives you.

If you have other SetPoint-compatible Logitech products, you'll be able to configure them here. SetPoint also works with their trackball line of mice. Here you can tweak the very basic left/right buttons (useful if you need to switch from right handed to left handed mode since the V500 supports all users).

Things get a little more interesting on this screen. You can vary the side to side and up and down scroll speeds, as well as pointer speed and pointer "acceleration". Finally, you can enable Smart Move, which pretty much all mice support these days. It will jump your cursor to a button or window you're likely interested in. I rarely leave this feature on.

On this page, you can check out the battery strength of your V500.

Finally, the information page gives you easy access to support, the V500 tour, and driver versions.


Utilizing a standard 2.4 GHz RF micro-receiver, you can drift about 30 feet (10 meters) from your USB port and retain high accuracy. Think the scroll wheel on your IntelliMouse is cool? How about a solid-state panel instead of a rubber wheel? No longer must you rub your finger up/down/around the mouse. Just gesture to the right, left, up, or down, and your current page will scroll right, left, up or down!

The finger rests are sculpted and slightly textured to prevent slippage, and the "fused aluminum skin" is really quite attractive. Yes, it's "only a mouse", but don't let the Logitech engineers catch you saying that! As you would expect in a Logitech optical mouse, the V500 uses the very latest scan lense and handles pretty much any non-reflective surface.


Logitech didn't leave anything out of the box. It comes with:

  • The V500 Mouse 2.4 GHz USB micro-receiver

  • CD-ROM with SetPoint software

  • Two AAA batteries

  • A nifty carrying case for the batteries and mouse

  • Installation guide

  • Warranty card (3 years)


Let's take a quick visual tour of the mouse.

As mentioned above, the V500 has a very classy and sleek aluminum-skinned casing.

The USB micro receiver is about as tiny as it gets! Thankfully, it is about as thick as the USB port itself, so if you have other USB peripherals to share the "USB zone", the V500 shouldn't get in the way.

Easily the coolest element of the V500's industrial design is its ability to fold up during travel times. When expanded, insert the USB micro-receiver into the little opening. A spring accepts the micro-receiver and provides really nice feedback. Now, simply press the small rocker button towards the base of the mouse, and the mouse collapses. All power is turned off and your mouse is ready to be put in the travel bag. I can't tell you how annoying I think it is to take one of my Microsoft IntelliMouse's on the road and I have to invert the polarity of the batteries so by the time I reach my destination, the batteries aren't sense. This mouse just makes sense.


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