We just heard about how the new iOS release fails to secure the phone’s lock screen, an attack vector that we’ve been hearing more and more in recent weeks. Beyond iOS, there was a little Android scare, where it was found that certain Samsung models could be manipulated into giving attackers very brief access to a phone’s home screen. While the impact of that seemed limited, barring the presence of a dialer widget, a new variant has been demonstrated that’s a bit more concerning, and Samsung has spoken up to reassure users.

While that attack only granted the tiniest sliver of a window in which to access the phone, it’s apparently enough, when repeated enough times, to get into the Play Store, do a voice search, and retrieve an app that’s capable of full-on disabling the lock screen. That requires quite a bit of effort, but it’s doable with enough persistence.

Even if the threat of this attack is probably remote, rest safe knowing that Samsung is on the case, with the company stating, “we are aware of this issue and will release a fix at the earliest possibility.”

Source: Android Central, Terence Eden
Via: Phone Dog, Phandroid

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