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Local accents now recognized on Google Translate for iOS

By Jules Wang October 7, 2018, 9:30 pm
Google Translate

As voice interfaces routinize themselves into our interactions with technology more and more, we have to recognize that sometimes a clear exhibition of tone and cadence in one accent of a dialect of a language may not be as clear in another accent. Sure, it’s the same language, but it may take a strong ear to pick up some of the different stresses that people may put on their vocabulary.

Enter Google Translate. The Android app already had this feature, but now iOS has it, too: localized speech input and output options in American, Australian, British and Indian English, Bangladeshi and Indian Bengali, French and French Canadian plus Spanish and Mexican Spanish. Google’s presumably working on more language variants to come.

Hopefully, third-party app developers can leverage such a robust voice system as Google’s to communicate better within their products.

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