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LMT Launcher For Android Hands-On (Video)

By Joe Levi February 5, 2013, 3:41 pm

They say you can't have your pie and eat it, too... or was that cake? No matter, LMT Launcher is an app that augments your built-in launcher — it doesn't replace it — by letting you pull a pie-shaped quick-launch panel from the edges of your screen. In that pie you'll see the current time, date, some animating status indicators, and one or two rows of icons, depending on how you've set it up. Though I don't show it in the video, you can change the colors and even the spacing and radii how ever you'd like.

Each wedge can be set to launch an app or toggle a setting, and can have a long-press action assigned to it if you want to cram twice as many functions into the same tiny space.



First, you've got to have a rooted device for LMT to work. Second, the settings aren't user-friendly — no, they're not difficult, but if you want icons to show up you have to change the value of one particular setting from "0" to "1". (Don't worry, I'll show you where that is in the video.)

Speaking of videos, let's get right to it!

Installation is simple: download the latest .APK to your smartphone or tablet, then launch and install it. From there, find LMT in your app drawer and configure it however you'd like, start the touchservice and test it out. If your swipe gestures don't seem to be working right, go to LMT Settings, Set Gesture Input, and select your input device from the list.

If ISAS isn't working correctly, try changing these settings:

  • HTC Evo3D: >4
  • HTC Sensation: >2/4, x=200%, y=100%
  • HTC Amaze: >4
  • HTC HD2: >0
  • HTC DesireHD: >3
  • HTC Thunderbolt: >1
  • HTC Inspire 4G: >1
  • HTC One X: >4
  • Google Galaxy Nexus: >1, x=100%, y=100%
  • Google Nexus S: >0
  • Google Nexus 4: >2, x=200%, y=200%
  • Google Nexus 7: >0, x=160%, y=200%
  • Samsung Galaxy S2: >2
  • Samsung Galaxy Note: >2
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2: >2
  • Samsung Galaxy S: >0/8
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9: >4
  • Sony Xperia T: >2
  • Motorola Atrix 4G: >3/5
  • Motorola RAZR: >4
  • Motorola DROID 3: >4
  • Motorola Defy: >3
  • HP Touchpad: >6
  • Acer Iconia: >2/4
  • Alcatel One Touch 997D: >7

As you can see, LMT Launcher isn't the super-easy, fluffy launcher replacement that many users may prefer, but what it does is very cool looking, pretty fast, and once it's working right, it's an amazingly nice addition to your rooted Android-powered device!

Download LMT Launcher and get more tips and tricks at the author's thread on XDA-Developers.


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