In the world of mobile technology, you’ll find controlled leaks, uncontrolled leaks, and around five steps ahead of each, you’ll find the LG G2. This got so out of hand in recent times that LG was simply forced to admit that there was an LG G2 in the works, and that they’d put all the rumors to rest in an event, which happens tomorrow. Now, this phone is bigger than what we’ll see at the event. Last year, the Optimus G1 was the basis for the Google Nexus 4 that we all love, and if the reports are true, the future Nexus smartphone will be based on this G2 as well.

Join us for the LG G2 announcement that happens tomorrow, August 7th at 11:00 AM Eastern time. We’ll have our usual Live Round Table discussion, as we cover everything that’s happening while things get announced in the event. Our own Michael Fisher will also be at the show floor, so rest assure we’ll have his first impressions, along with all the hands-on videos you need to help you decide if the LG G2 is right for you.

Surely the LG Optimus G, while good, was sadly not as hot as many of us feel it deserved to be. Having LG and Google partner for the Nexus 4 was a genius move though, and we’re sure that the market will see the LG G2 with different eyes this time around. There’s a lot of ground to cover here. We’ve heard of its unique design where the buttons lie at the back of the device, and we’ve also heard conflicting reports of a fingerprint scanner to be included. We also know this will be one of the first devices to be powered by the Snapdragon 800 processor, which does bring significant enhancements in battery efficiency.

Make sure you don’t miss any details of everything that gets announced. Simply circle back to this post tomorrow, as we’ll update it with our live stream. Just keep in mind that this will be a closed Hangout to allow us to provide you with all the details of everything that’s happening. Please share your questions or impressions in the comments as we go along and we’ll do our best to go through them during the show.

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