Lionel Messi jumps ship from Samsung to Huawei ambassador role

After winning five Ballon d’Or trophies awarded for the world’s best football (or soccer) player of the year since 2009, and four UEFA Champions League cups, you have to figure Lionel “Leo” Messi can’t easily settle for second, let alone third place.

Nonetheless, the living Argentinian legend has just signed up an advertising partnership with Huawei, despite back in the day endorsing the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or Galaxy S5. For our hardcore football fans out there unfamiliar with the smartphone market status quo, that’s like ditching Barcelona to join Atletico Madrid.

Don’t get us wrong, the latter is a good team too, with a phenomenal manager, a couple of recent Europa League wins and a UCL quarter final qualification under its belt this year. But no one quits Barcelona for Atletico unless they absolutely have to… or are offered a boatload of money to do so.

Rumor has it Huawei will pay Messi between 5 and 6 million euros (up to $6.8 million) for each of the two or three years the new global ambassador deal extends to, and while nobody’s mentioned numbers on the record, that sounds about right.

It’s also apparently enough to convince the brilliant 28-year-old attacker to use a Mate 8 in his spare time. Hopefully, he won’t be caught tweeting from an iPhone, as you do, and for the sake of Huawei’s otherwise robust financial health, the promotional collaboration will help the Chinese OEM gain even more visibility in Europe, Asia and Latin America, where Leo Messi is practically a god.

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