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LinkedIn now has Stories too, gets a major redesign with a ton of useful new features

By Nadeem Sarwar September 24, 2020, 11:15 am
LinkedIn redesign

LinkedIn has today announced that the professional networking platform is getting a major redesign after almost half a decade. The biggest change introduced by the redesign is the arrival of Stories. Yes, LinkedIn is also doing Stories now. Over tha past few years, Stories have made the jump from Snapchat and Instagram to the likes of Twitter (as Fleets), YouTube (as YouTube Shorts) and even Pinterest (as Story Pins). Coming to a LinkedIn Story, it will be visible only for 24 hours and will also let followers send private feedback, just like you would do on WhatsApp or any other platform. LinkedIn Stories are rolling out today in the US and Canada, while a global release will happen in the coming weeks. 

LinkedIn Stories

Coming to the new tools making their way to LinkedIn, the first one is an improved messaging experience. Here’s what it brings:

  • In direct messages, users can now start a video call with a single click over Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans by Verizon, or Zoom.
  • Users can now edit or delete sent messages
  • Select multiple conversations at once to archive, delete, and mark them as read or unread.
  • You can now react to messages with an emoji.
  • LinkedIn is also introducing in-line warnings to identify inappropriate, inflammatory, harassing or hateful content, making it easier to report them.

The company is also improving the search interface by offering a more organized results with jobs, people, courses, groups, events and content in one place. For example, if you search Python, you will now see people who are skilled in Python, relevant jobs, learning courses, and groups worth joining. Additionally, LinkedIn is bringing the keyboard filters to its mobile app. Plus, users can now filter companies by location, industry and size on both desktop and mobile. LinkedIn also promises that a dark mode is coming soon

Talking about the redesign, the UI now uses a warmer color palette that includes blue and green accents to signal action and selection. Plus, the buttons now have a more rounded appearance while the overall look is now cleaner with more whitespace, less divider lines, improved contrast, optimized tech scaling, and bigger touch targets. “We also developed new illustrations that capture a wide range of different professional fields and industries, and represent people with different abilities and ethnic backgrounds,” the company says.


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