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LinkedIn Cover Stories can lead you to a job

By Prakhar Khanna March 30, 2021, 8:31 am

Since Snapchat introduced the feature first, Stories have been adopted by several social media apps, including Instagram, WhatsApp, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more! We are at a point where all social media apps share almost the same set of features but with different product designs and colors. However, Stories mostly share the same objective – to update your friends. Now, LinkedIn is introducing a new way to use the stories to your advantage.

Today, the company has announced that LinkedIn profiles will now allow users to add short “cover letter” videos to their LinkedIn profiles. As per the official blog post, nearly 80% of hiring managers view video as an important tool for vetting potential job-seekers.

Moreover, LinkedIn’s CPO Tomer Cohen said the feature will allow users to “personalize your first ‘hello’” to fellow community members and recruiters. Profiles with Video cover stories will show an orange ring around their profile photo. Once opened, the video will play like a usual Story within a frame. Moreover, the support for captioning will be arriving “soon.”

Apart from the LinkedIn Cover Stories, the company has rolled out few more new features. You can now include an optional field at the top next to your name. It will let you specify your preferred pronouns. Moreover, LinkedIn is building tools that will help showcase the specific skills of its users. It includes a new “creator mode” as well as a dedicated services page that will prove useful especially for freelancers and contractors.

The former will turn LinkedIn users into veritable industry influencers. Additionally, the “connect” button on the top of a user’s page can be changed to a “follow” button to help build engagement. In creator mode, the Featured and Activity sections will be more prominently displayed. Users can also add hashtags to their profiles for topics specific to their interests.

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