Undaunted by the other side of the data privacy coin, as well as an older proposal for a nationwide ban on encrypted chat services in the UK, the developers of the instant communication app Line have finally introduced “Letter Sealing.”

Remember, US President Obama himself admitted being unable to penetrate a phone’s security shield was “a problem” for the American authorities, which didn’t stop Line from going one step further than WhatsApp, iMessage or Snapchat in protecting the customer.

With Letter Sealing, the over 210 million active Line users get the guarantee of free end-to-end encryption across multiple devices and platforms, including Android, iOS, as well as the desktop flavor of Windows, and Mac OS X.

The way this works is as simple as 100 percent impenetrable, according to a press release, with E2EE facilitating uncrackable encryption by scrambling all your messages with a locally instead of centrally stored key.

The “advanced” security system purportedly makes it “technically impossible for the chat content to be disclosed in the server or to a third party.” For starters, Letter Sealing will safeguard your one-to-one individual chats and Location Sharing, though the intention is to expand the bolstered privacy to more Line features.

Of course, you’ll need the add-on activated on both devices participating in online communication for full encryption to take place, so it’s certainly nice to hear Letter Sealing will be enabled by default on a user’s primary Android. For multiple Google-endorsed phones or tabs, as well as other operating systems, you have to manually turn it on in the Settings menu.

Source: Line
Via: The Next Web

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