Limited-run foldable Galaxy X could cost as much as $2,000 unsubsidized

In the race to the first foldable smartphone, it won’t matter at what cost or to what reach the product will have at the start — it will have just mattered that it was first. OPPO, Huawei and LG all seem to have some sort of bid in this game, but it is no question that leaks from Samsung have dominated the conversation so far. And it seems like supply chain monitors are now telling all about where the conversation will go.

According to The Korea Times, it seems that component production will begin ramping up from November or some time later for a product launch in 2019. One Korean investment firm believes that the phone, which has been dubbed by the media as the Galaxy X, could come to ₩2,000,000 or $1,879 full retail price.

While Samsung has acknowledged its research and development into a foldable phone, it has not laid publicly given further details except for a vague 2019 timeline.

Kim Jang-yeol, who leads research at Golden Bridge Investment, claims that the OLED display will have a diagonal of 7.3 inches spread and about 4.5 inches folded. Carriers will likely see private demonstrations at CES 2019.

The concept of a foldable phone is thought to be the next big trend that will rejuvenate a stagnant smartphone market. However, even with patents sorting out how to reduce folding stress on components, it’s expected that yields and, thus, inventory will be low on the first runs.

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