‘Limited Edition’ Moto Z2 Force makes India debut at $549 with Moto Mod included

The world’s second-largest smartphone market has hosted a number of special launches lately, but although the Moto Z2 Force is billed as a “limited edition” device in India, the same exact model has been available stateside since way back in August.

The only noticeable difference is Flipkart appears to be exclusively selling the modular “shatterproof” 5.5-incher with a bundled TurboPower Moto Mod. Separately, the snap-on accessory fetches Rs. 5,999, which roughly equates to $95, “instantly” adding an extra day of battery life to a 6.1mm thin handset that packs a modest 2730mAh cell.

The Limited Edition Moto Z2 Force with Moto TurboPower Mod combo delivers a total of 6220mAh juice, which should be more than enough for a couple of days or so of endurance between charges.

Speaking of endurance, this is a robust phone crafted from premium 7000 series aluminum, with ShatterShield technology promising to resist display cracks for at least four years. That’s a “guarantee” Motorola may have trouble upholding, but in theory, the Z2 Force is quite the beast.

It also comes with a fast and furious Snapdragon 835 processor, 6 whopping gigs of RAM, 64 plentiful gigs of internal storage space, pre-installed Android 8.0 Oreo (in India), and dual 12MP rear-facing cameras. Granted, the screen bezels and 16:9 aspect ratio are a little outdated, but the Quad HD resolution is certainly not, and the Rs. 34,999 price makes this a smart overall buy. That’s 34,998 rupees, or $549, for the phone itself, plus Rs. 1 for the TurboPower pack.

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