Lil Wayne pours more champagne in another Galaxy S7 ad

“Do you sell high-end champagne?”

“In the back.”

Lil Wayne taps his device to a credit card reader.

“Have a good night.”

Three lines of dialogue. Liters of alcohol. Thirty seconds promoting “the new water-resistant Galaxy S7 edge.”

You know, if it wasn’t enough having a bunch of fine bubbly poured onto the Galaxy S7 with Lil Wayne, Wesley Snipes and a bunch of other peeps freaking out about it, maybe, Samsung thought, maybe we should go with a little zen simplicity. Have just Lil Wayne enter a rather spacious convenience store as he’s pouring a seemingly never-ending bottle of champagne onto his Galaxy S7 edge, then ask the cashier for where he could find more.

Sure, by the time he gets back to the register, the good stuff will have run out and Lil Wayne would get the chance to show off the MST used by Samsung Pay for two seconds before popping the cork on a new $163.25 bottle of what I’m convinced is actually just water now and walk off into the ether.

Great, just great.

Pour one out for us, Best Rapper Alive.

Via: PhoneArena

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