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LG’s Wing smartphone with a rotating secondary display appears in another leaked video

By Nadeem Sarwar August 28, 2020, 11:55 am

Just a few days ago, a leaked video gave us our first glimpse of LG’s upcoming ‘Wing’ smartphone that features a rotating secondary display behind the main screen. Now, the device has appeared in another video (via Android Authority) that shows how its secondary rotating display can be of use while gaming.

In the leaked above, one can see that the main interface of a racing game playing out on the main display, while the map has been moved to the secondary display which is positioned at a 90-degree angle. This is definitely a creative way to leverage the form factor by moving some of the UI content to the secondary display, leaving more screen real estate for the main action.

Mobile games are often plagued with having too many on-screen controls in a cramped layout, so moving some of the key items to a secondary screen will make the interface less cluttered. In the previous video, we saw the main screen being used to show navigation info in portrait mode, while the secondary screen set at a 90-degree angle had the music playback controls.


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