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LG’s plans to sell iPhone and other Apple products are suspended

By Samuel Martinez July 9, 2021, 10:41 pm

LG was allegedly getting things ready to sell iPhone and several other Apple products on its LG stores in Korea. Now, this did not seem like a bad idea since the company has already killed off its smartphone business to concentrate on other more profitable areas. However, it seems that LG will not be able to go on with this plan, as it could negatively impact its home country.

It seems that LG will have to wait to sell iPhone and other Apple products, well that is if they’re allowed to do so, as small and medium-sized businesses have made the South Korean Government intervene. This happened because South Korea has a policy that helps smaller retailers keep going and growing, as industry titans like LG and Samsung cannot sell competing products in their stores. In other words, LG wouldn’t be allowed to sell Apple devices in its Best Shop locations, as it could take customers away from the smaller stores, which are already having a hard time trying to deal with the impact of the ongoing pandemic.


Now, these small and medium-sized businesses weren’t the only ones feeling threatened by this move. Samsung could’ve also been affected by this action, as expanded iPhone availability would most likely affect the company’s market share of 5G phones. But it seems that LG was also having second thoughts, as Apple products could’ve also drawn attention away from other LG products. Still, LG will have to find a way to deal with the loss of its smartphone business.

Other rumors suggest that Apple and LG had different opinions on certain topics, which could also be a valid reason to delay this collaboration. It seems that the Korean company wanted to have Apple products in all of its Best Shops, while Apple could’ve been only planning to cover around 200 stores, as other locations didn’t meet Cupertino’s requirements. LG was allegedly getting its employees ready to sell Apple products, but it seems that it has temporarily suspended this and every other preparation.

Source SMEDaily

Via GSM Arena


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