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LG’s new rollable phone may be called LG Slide

By Samuel Martinez November 11, 2020, 9:30 pm
LG rollable phone

Well, it seems that LG will definitely give us a new smartphone with an unusual design next year. Rumors suggest that the company is working on a new device with a rollable OLED display, so the name LG Rollable could’ve been the first option for it. However, a new trademark application made by the Korean company suggests that this device may be known as the LG Slide.

We have to be honest, LG Slide sounds better than LG Rollable, and it seems that this may be the final name for LG’s new smartphone with a rollable display. LG filed two trademark applications at the European Union Intellectual Property Office for the name LG Rollable and LG Slide with just two days difference between them. The first trademark application was made on November 2, with the LG Slide filed on November 4.

The application was filed by intermediary Mitscherlich, which has previously filed trademark applications for LG in the past. Now, LG had other ideas in mind, some of them include variations to the LG Rollable name, such as LG The Roll, LG Double Roll, LG Dual Roll, LG Bi-Roll, and LG Roll Canvas, to mention a few, but it seems that LG Slide just turns out to come on top.

The previous trademark patent for the LG Rollable also suggests that the new device may also feature stylus support, so it seems that LG has huge plans for this device. And there are even doubts as to whether the LG Slide will be the final name of LG’s new rollable device, as we could also be talking about an entirely different phone that could feature a second display that may slide to reveal a second screen, like the LG Wing.

Whatever the case, we will have to wait for any information that may confirm the new device’s name. Let’s also remember that this is part of LG’s explorer project, and we only know that it may launch in March 2021.

Source GSM Arena

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