If you’re not comfortable with the words “maybe,” “subject to change,” “speculation,” “surprise” and “my computer’s burning from all this tech, help me,” you’re probably not going to be excited next week.

Backchannel techie Evan Blass said that we were to expect a secondary screen of sorts on the LG G5, but everyone can be mistaken: he later said he was probably looking at the Always ON display feature. Combine that with a freak leak out of India and it’s been a hectic day in the LG department.

Another surprise? The mid-range X cam handset that the chaebol has pre-introduced may have the same quality spectacles that the G5 will be using in its rear dual-field-of-view setup. Hyphenation ahoy.

Okay, it’s not a big deal — or, for what it matters, a big surprise. But LG has listed the X cam’s two rear-facing camera sensors at 13 and 5 megapixels while the G5 is said to have a 16/8 split. Remember, Blass is talking glass, not innards here.

The V10 had a dual-angle selfie setup, too. Both cameras had 5-megapixel sensors, but one had a 80-degree FoV and the other one was 120 degrees. We’re not sure which sensor on either the G5 or the X cam will get the wider lens and what the fishbowls are this time around.

Via: XDA-Developers

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