Sources point to big steps in LG wireless charging tech

Wireless charging is still nice and all, but laying the phone onto one specific position on a flat surface is so passé. We’re still a good time away from extended range wireless charging, so what are the mobile hapless to do? Watch LG.

BusinessKorea is relaying industry chatter of an LG smartphone just out of development that uses magnetic resonance to charge up without cables. Unlike magnetic induction (your Qi, Powermat, etc.), magnetic resonance radiates power from a transmitter.

It doesn’t amount to much, but for what it’s worth, it’s said that LG’s technology works from as far as 7cm (2¾ inches) away with output of up to 7 watts.

The LG Pay Smart Card will take up the technology as well as what may end up being the sequel to last October’s V10 handset. We’re basing this speculation on just timing alone, but we know that things change in mysterious ways.

BusinessKorea also reports that research efforts on magnetic resonance charging from the AirFuel Alliance are expected to produce fruits with Chinese manufacturers’ smartphones next year.

Source: BusinessKorea
Via: PCWorld

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