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LG Wine Smart & LG Ice Cream Smart hands-on: Flip Phone Nostalgia! (Video)

By Jaime Rivera March 18, 2015, 1:44 am

We’ve spent the last couple of years drooling over the idea of new smartphone form factors. Lately every single device we see is a just a typical flat slab, and even though some of these have gained some curves over time, it simply can’t replace the era of experimentation that we saw before the birth of the first-generation iPhone.

Even so, back when slide-out QWERTY keyboards were common, we rarely ever saw companies experiment with the old flip-phone design that became so popular in the early turn of the century. Palm did give it a try at some point, but we’ve wished to see this come to Android for the longest time. After some trial and error by other OEMs, LG decided to give this form factor a try late last year, and it was just impossible for us to not be geeks about it at MWC 2015. Make sure you watch our hands-on video of the LG Wine Smart and the LG Ice Cream Smart as part of our late coverage of the world’s biggest mobile trade show.

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