LG Windows Phone 7 With Hardware Keyboard Received by Developers

Most of the times we’ve seen the Samsung Taylor being sent out by Microsoft to its developers to test their applications on an actual device but today we get a glance of the other device that’s being sent out.

The Device is manufactured by LG, it is a Windows Phone 7 and it features a slide-out four-row hardware keyboard with 41 buttons from which I personally love the dedicated directional buttons for up, down, left and right. To quote the author, “the buttons are curved so you can tell you’re typing on one key instead of more than one (unlike my Droid) and the F and J both have small nubs so I can feel when I am correctly on the home row”.

The developer also posted a short video (embedded below) with his initial thoughts and we especially find interesting the Internet navigation on the Device (5:40) using Internet Explorer and we can’t help but notice that it’s quite fast (as opposed to what we’ve earlier seen in another video), but, of course, this time we know for sure that WiFi is being used.

We’re glad to see that the LG too, besides the Samsung Taylor, shows a pretty fluid and fast experience with Windows Phone 7 and since Microsoft has strict hardware requirements for Device manufacturers, we’ss experience the same on all Windows Phone 7 devices, regardless of make and model.

(Source: Shawn Wildermuth)

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