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LG will show off new transparent TVs at CES 2022

By Roland Udvarlaki December 27, 2021, 10:00 am
LG OLED Shelf Display Source: LG

LG is a pioneer when it gets to displays, and it was among the first companies to demo a transparent display panel a few years ago. LG Display, separate from LG Electronics, will display (pun intended) more transparent TVs at the CES 2022 event. The company will showcase the OLED Shelf, Shopping Magazine Showcase, Show Window, and Smart Window products.

The difference between LG Display and LG Electronics is that the latter usually shows off concept products that other manufacturers can adopt. It’s essentially new standards and technologies that can be used by third parties.

A lot of companies have withdrawn their in-person presence and live show at CES due to the new COVID variant that currently affects the US. Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Meta, Twitter, NVIDIA, and a lot of other large companies have announced that they won’t be attending the event.


LG Shelf

LG OLED Shelf Display Source: LG

Now that LG has already announced what it intends to showcase at CES 2022 (via TheVerge), we can take a closer look at the upcoming transparent panels. The LG Shelf is two 55-inch transparent OLED panels stacked on top of one another, and there’s a shelf on the top. Since there are two panels, you can stream two content on each of them, for example: Display art on top while reading news on the bottom, and if that wasn’t enough, the TV also has an always-on display to show paintings and portraits.

LG Shopping Managing Showcase

LG Display OLED Shopping Managing Showcase Source: LG Display

Next up, the Shopping Managing Showcase. LG Display says that it’s meant for “luxurious” department stores. It’s a transparent OLED panel with a wooden stand. When products are placed behind the transparent display panel, it could display additional information about each product, or show graphics that would offer a brand new experience.

LG Display Show Window

LG Display Show Window Source: LG Display

The Show Window consists of four 55-inch transparent OLED displays that can be used similarly to the Shopping Managing Showcase, except, it’s better suited for clothes and other products that take up more space. Stores could adapt the new display to show digital text, images, and other visual effects to entice users into the stores. LG Display says that some of these are already in use at Musina Fashion Store in Seoul, at The Smithsonian, and at 180 The Strand in London. It’s also used in some subway car windows in China and Japan.

While most of these products are just concepts, it’s clear that LG is close to making these products more widely available to business customers and companies offering a more premium service and experience to their customers. All of these display panels are made using the company’s 8th generation of display manufacturing process, and if the showcases are any indication, we could see a lot more of these panels out and about in the near future, possibly the next generation.

LG has always been on top of the display technology, and we expect to see more in the near future. Samsung hasn’t showcased its displays yet, but we’ll likely see some more innovative TVs from the company at the digital event at CES 2022 in two weeks.

LG OLED C1 Series Smart TV Product Box image

LG OLED C1 Series 48-inch Smart TV

with Alexa built-in

The C1 Series comes in various sizes ranging from 48-83-inches, and it has a 4K 120Hz panel with Dolby Cinema and a dedicated Gaming Mode.


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