When LG unveiled the super-stylish Watch Urbane wearable in both Android and webOS flavors, we couldn’t help but wonder if the eternal Korean smartphone number two was planning to once again take a page from Samsung’s playbook and revive Palm’s old operating system in order to oppose the rising Tizen threat.

That obviously didn’t prove to be the case, and while Tizen handhelds, smartwatches and smart TVs are multiplying by the day, webOS seems destined to remain a TV-exclusive platform for the foreseeable future. Its open-source 3.0 flavor will debut at the 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas early next month, running on a new yet-to-be-detailed Smart TV lineup.

Needless to point out this will have to fend off both costly “smart” TV sets manufactured by Samsung or Sony, and ultra-affordable Android TV, Apple TV or Fire TV set-top boxes and sticks capable of seamlessly making any “dumb” LED TV with an HDMI port smart.

Luckily for LG, webOS still holds a few aces up its sleeve in terms of user friendliness, convenience and innovation, including a trio of “magic” features, multi-view split screen functions, Music Player speaker support even with the image turned off, and a neat IoTV app letting you control compatible smart home appliances from the comfort of your living room couch. More at CES.

Source: Newswire

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