LG Watch Urbane review: the best Android smartwatch money can buy today

At $349 dollars in the Google Store, it is the most expensive Android Wear device, dethroning its predecessor (or almost twin sibling), the LG G Watch R, which was also the most expensive product, at $299 (and so was the G Watch before that). Even at this price point, at the time of this review, the gold version of the Watch Urbane is out of stock.

Is it worth paying the extra dollars for it, when you can go with a cheaper option from a competitor? That’s what we’re trying to find out in our LG Watch Urbane review below, and, given that it’s among the select few running the latest version of Android Wear (and that the wearable also supports WiFi sync), the image becomes clear.

Stainless steel build, screwless design and assembly, the best display on an Android-powered smartwach (today); these are just a few of the LG Watch Urbane pros. But don’t take our word for it: check out the entire LG Watch Urbane review below. Oh, and we almost forgot to mention its best feature: the Watch Urbane shows you the time, all the time!

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