The ultimate Android Wear bargain: OG LG Watch Urbane for $150 on eBay

Heftily discounted even before it exited the Google Store, the spring 2015-released LG Watch Urbane was bound to drop further really soon, especially after its LTE-enabled sequel returned to both AT&T and Verizon.

Now the time to pull the trigger has definitely come, no remorse or second thoughts. The stylish circular Android Wear device is simply too compelling a purchase at $150 to worry about its advanced age or presumably shoddy software support going forward.

Besides, something tells us the wearable piece is still up for one major update before it kicks the bucket. It’s also as powerful as it currently gets, robust, fairly long-lasting between charges, and oh, did we mention extremely pretty?

Unfortunately, top-rated eBay seller buydig has already run out of marked-down inventory in silver coating. On the bright side, the snazzy gold model not only costs an irresistibly low $150, but it nets you a standard US manufacturer warranty as well.

Technically, you could get the first-gen LG Watch Urbane shipped outside the US too, but we don’t recommend that unless you live in a county where taxes and retailer greed jack the price up to over $250.

Stateside, of course, there are no import fees to take care of, and you only got sales tax to cause you headaches in New Jersey. Yup, this is truly the ultimate Android and iOS-compatible smartwatch bargain, and all you have to do is cough up a Benjamin and a half as soon as possible.

Source: eBay

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