LG Watch Sport tipped to cost steep but fair $349 with Android Pay and LTE in tow

In rounding up the latest quarterly smartwatch sales numbers, market research firm Strategy Analytics found that the industry is “showing tentative signs of recovery” after a period of uncertainty and stagnation, needing however “more exciting or cheaper models” from vendors “like Samsung” to truly take off.

LG, Huawei, Tag Heuer, ZTE and Casio are just a few of Samsung and Apple’s rivals looking for extra excitement, functionality and versatility from next-gen Android Wear products, with Google expected to kick off the 2.0 revolution itself this time next week.

But the surprise factor is almost entirely out of the February 9 LG Watch Style and Sport launch equation, as the looks, specs and prices of the two Nexus-like wearables have all come out thanks to various credible sources, leakers and publications.

The final piece of the LG Watch Sport puzzle purportedly falls into place today, as we find out the NFC and LTE-enabled wrist-worn device shall cost $349 stateside. That’s a full Benjamin more than the rumored Watch Style MSRP, though the Apple Watch Series 2 starts at an even steeper $369, no standalone cellular connectivity included.

The cheapest you can get a 4G-capable Samsung Gear S3 is also $349 outright, so not only does this sound legit, but it’s probably a reasonable valuation as well, Google Assistant, Android Pay, GPS, heart rate monitor, digital crown and all.

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