According to a new report, LG is in talks with Apple to sell iPhones, iPads and Apple Watch products in LG stores in Korea. LG has announced that it will quit the smartphone business altogether not that long ago.

This deal could give Apple more access to the market and an easier way to sell devices in the country that could boost sales, and could improve customer support and servicing, although that last part is just an educated guess at this stage.

According to BusinessKorea, LG Electronics is negotiating a partnership with Apple to sell Apple products at its stores in Korea. The deal would include more than 400 LG stores across the nation.

The two companies are reportedly discussing the establishment of dedicated Apple corners within the LG stores. These corners could be run directly by Apple employees, or it could potentially allow LG Best Shop employees to sell Apple products and deal with them themselves. It remains to be seen whether LG can acquire the right to sell Apple products.

We have no information as to when this could happen as there is no leaked timeline yet, some experts predict that it could start at the end of July when LG Electronics is completely out of the smartphone business.

What’s currently undecided is the sale of Apple notebooks and desktops at LG Best Shops. Apple would likely want to also sell its high-end Apple computers, but LG might not let that happen as it has its own lineup of LG Gram and other products, which seem to be doing well. As a result, customers may not see other Apple branded products in the LG stores, but only iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches. There is no word about Beats products or Apple’s own audio lineup, the AirPods or AirPods Max.

An LG Electronics official has said the following:
“Nothing has been decided yet”, and that “We are exploring all possibilities.”

What are your thoughts about this partnership, could this help LG make up some of its lost revenue over the years of its unsuccessful smartphone business? Let us know in the comments below!

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