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LG V35 ThinQ said to be successor in the media-obsessed ‘V’ series

By Jules Wang April 11, 2018, 5:44 pm

Japan is an oddball market for LG when it comes to the V-series of smartphones. It launched a smaller, waterproof version of the V20 as the V34 and the V30+ as the V35.

Even odder still is that LG could spread the V35 branding around the world. AndroidHeadlines claims to hear from a reliable source that LG will release the next upgrade to its media-focused flagship series as the V35 ThinQ. It’s not reported when this device will be launched, but if it is to happen early in the fall as the other ‘V’ devices have, we would have about a half-year lead-in on the details of this device. There’s plenty that could change in the meantime.


As the ThinQ branding suggests, artificial intelligence features will be some of the big marketing points with this device, especially with determining photo subjects in “AI Cam” app like “camera brightness.” The V-series is oriented towards a youth audience, so a marketing campaign revolving around letting you “‘do you’ better than ever before,” according to AndroidHeadlines, definitely fits in with the modus operandi.

Speaking of the camera, the main setup will feature two 16-megapixel cameras: the main sensor is a carry-over from the V30, equipped with an f/1.6 aperture and 10-bit HDR raw capture; the other unit will have a 107° wide angle lens — it’s not as wide as the 120° capture of the V30 and the 135° field of view of the G5. The V35 ThinQ will continue a strong heritage with 32-bit in-line audio as it will utilize ESS Technology‘s Sabre 9228 Quad DAC system. Its microphones will also have far-field pickup, just like smart speakers, to pick up sound or, perhaps, assistant requests from as far as 17 feet away.

Other aspects to the V35 ThinQ include a 6-inch FullVision (2:1) display utilizing a quad HD OLED panel. No word on who will supply the parts, though LG Display provided plastic OLED screens for the V30 last year. The display will not feature a notch — perhaps the company is reflecting on the negative consumer feedback it got about cut-outs — but achieve a screen-to-body ratio of 80 percent.

The device will be fit for “one-handed use,” “lightweight” and come in black and gray “premium glossy” finishes. Again, there is no word of a release date, but it’s almost certain that it will be a while after when the G7 ThinQ launches on May 2.


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