LG V30s now tipped for MWC 2018 debut with LG Lens and 256GB storage

If you’ve been following the news, rumors and conflicting recent media reports on LG’s next high-end smartphone release, you may worry the name of the chaebol’s upgraded V30 will be a bit of a head-scratcher.

But as it turns out, a very easy-to-pronounce LG V30s is most likely debuting at the 2018 Mobile World Congress later this month instead of a somewhat pretentious V30+α, aka V30 Plus Alpha.

The focus of the “new” handset should still be on AI, namely artificial intelligence enhancing the capabilities of an already impressive camera. Even more specifically, Korean press expects the V30s to leverage a feature called LG Lens, which will obviously be similar to Google Lens or Samsung’s Bixby Vision.

You’re looking at the (theoretical) ability of the dual rear-facing camera to scan real-life objects and help you locate them online, in places you can buy said or similar products. Also, automatic translation of foreign text without the need for separate apps. And augmented reality functionality of some type.

It’s all been done before, but who knows, maybe LG can do AI and AR better than the masters. And perhaps there’s truly customer demand for a rehashed V30 with the aforementioned LG Lens enhancements in tow, 256GB internal storage space, and all the other specs and features likely Xeroxed from the original model. But surely that’s not enough to steal the Galaxy S9’s MWC 2018 limelight.

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