Both LG V30 and V30 Plus are coming to Berlin on August 31, Korea in mid-September

This year’s IFA Berlin is probably not going to be as glamorous as a few previous editions that have hosted introductions of new Samsung Galaxy Note-series devices, but the trade show’s attendees should be happy to hear at least LG is bringing out its big guns to the German capital on August 31. Both of them.

That’s right, the V30 will reportedly follow the G6’s suit with standard and “Plus” versions, leaving however no gap between the two high-end releases this time around. Korean customers are expected to get them both on September 15, which is coincidentally (not really) the same day as the near-guaranteed regional debut of the Galaxy Note 8.

While we typically welcome choice, the existence of an LG V30 Plus model with 128GB internal storage space and extra “audio system and wireless charging” capabilities could mean certain markets will miss out on precisely those added features.

The LG G6+ only supports wireless charging in some countries, leveraging premium B&O Play sound technology to take full advantage of a 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC. Let’s hope that’s not going to be the V30 Plus’s case, and that shortly after Korea, the beefed-up phone and its “regular” sibling will see daylight globally.

Purportedly priced at KRW 800,000 and 1,000,000 ($700 and $870) respectively, the LG V30 and V30 Plus should share a 6-inch OLED “FullVision” display, Snapdragon 835 processor, 16 and 13MP rear cameras, 6GB RAM, 3200mAh battery and IP68 certification, both domestically and internationally. Good enough to take on the Galaxy Note 8? On paper, probably, but consumers may hold a different view altogether.

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