With a new mobile division president and revised smartphone release strategy, LG promises to be unpredictable and different from the competition this year. Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly what that might entail, and based on conflicting recent speculation, we can safely assume the chaebol is yet to decide on a specific 2018 timetable.

A G7 may or may not be in the pipeline, scheduled for a February, March or April launch, followed by a V40 or perhaps a new Icon in the fall, or whenever the time feels right to bring palpable upgrades to the table.

Another possibility, according to industry sources quoted anonymously by Korean press today, is a late February announcement of a rehashed LG V30 with “improved artificial intelligence features.”

This potential new version of an already impressive high-end phone available in two configurations could be named “V30+’α’ ”, which sounds more than a little confusing, posing a bit of a reading challenge for mobile enthusiasts untrained in classical languages.

We’re guessing that would be pronounced the LG vee-thirty plus alpha, with the first letter of the Greek alphabet purportedly standing for “Google Assistant-based AI functions”… for some reason.

Apart from enhanced AI capabilities, it’s unclear how this upgraded V30 aims to distinguish itself from the regular model, although a Snapdragon 845 processor feels like a pretty safe bet. A 6GB RAM bump is not out of the question either, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, and wait for MWC 2018 in Barcelona next month to see exactly what LG has planned for us.

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