Get a closer look at the teeny-tiny LG V30 bottom bezel in this latest live picture

The Essential Phone (that’s finally up for grabs after a few months of waiting) is roughly 85 percent pure, usable, untainted screen. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 comes with a screen-to-body ratio estimated at 83.2 percent, which falls just short of the magic number attached to the GS8+.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi ambitiously wants to cross the 90 percent milestone, although if the Mi MIX 2 is as limited and “conceptual” as its predecessor, what good would that really do? Then you have Apple that could well take the war against bezels to the next level, and LG’s V30, aka the more refined G6.

That last one has already been thoroughly leaked, pictured, rendered and even officially detailed ahead of its actual formal announcement this Thursday, August 31. But one more beautiful real-life picture can’t hurt the bad boy’s appeal and buzz, right?

It’s obviously impossible to guess the screen-to-body ratio based on one, two or even a dozen images, but one thing’s for sure – you’ll get slimmer borders here than on the G6. The “chin” of the LG V30 is in fact so slender that there’s no room for a frontal company logo anymore.

The LG emblem is thus moved to the back, on the phone’s lower extremity, with a centered V30 label and a fairly busy upper half including a circular fingerprint reader, dual cameras and separate LED flash setup.

Back to this gorgeous façade though, let’s take a moment to notice the single bottom speaker that audiophiles have such high expectations for, a USB Type-C port, sleek metal frame, smoothly rounded corners and thin bezels all around, top to bottom, side to side. A very premium design indeed.

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