‘Sources’ say LG V30 will feature wireless charging (standard?), dual camera and rear fingerprint sensor

Whether the fast-approaching LG V30 will end up breaking with the tradition of its forerunners and debut at IFA Berlin or not, the question on everyone’s mind is how exactly might the chaebol revise the G6’s spectacular design? Are we looking at something entirely new again?

Maybe, but only a few things are clear, according to the sources of a typically well-connected Twitter leaker. First, wireless charging. As a standard feature, hopefully, not an extra offered just in a certain part of the world or several months after the phone’s initial global launch.

That would likely entail a glass back, similar to the shiny rear panel of the G6 and G6+, but different from the robust metal behind of last year’s V20. Build quality and visual perception aside, a move to a largely glass-made design should also seal off the battery, which in turn could add water resistance to the feature mix.

Bittersweet news, and the same goes for dual camera and rear-mounted fingerprint scanner rumors. Those are both predictable tidbits, and as long as we see even small, incremental photography performance upgrades, the former is everything we can hope for.

Meanwhile, if Samsung can’t pull off screen-embedded, under-glass fingerprint recognition this time either, it’d be completely unrealistic to expect LG to do it when the company never expressed its interest in adopting the groundbreaking technology.

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