It’s easy to notice how the LG V30 radically changes the exterior of its somewhat niche predecessor, ditching a few bold and rare features in the process of moving closer to the mainstream and appealing to the bezel-killing masses.

But is the Korean manufacturer’s latest take on the dual rear camera concept similarly focused on following trends rather than courageously starting new ones? We can’t think of anyone better to answer that question than Juan Bagnell, who had great praise for the versatility and control of the V20’s main 16 + 8MP imaging setup.

When a veteran video producer describes a mobile device as the all-around best for vlogging and content creation after spending just a little quality time with it, then basically his dream phone on closer, more rigorous inspection, words are almost unnecessary.

As always however, the situation is a lot more nuanced than you’d expect by reading such enthusiastic headlines, and the LG V30 couldn’t be further from achieving photo and video-capturing perfection.

Especially when it comes to taking stills with little to no effort, you’re probably better served elsewhere. And the selfie shooter is outright horrible by Android flagship standards.

Meanwhile, if you’re one of those guys that likes to spend a fair amount of time editing and adjusting their creations, this bad boy delivers absolute manual mode excellence. Also, pretty great audio. Enough spoilers, as you definitely need to watch the full 12-minute video above to get the complete story of a stellar 16 + 13MP rear cam arrangement and forgettable 5MP single front snapper.

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