AT&T and T-Mobile unveil official LG V30 pricing and release dates

The “best phone for vlogging” and headphone audio content consumption, according to our own expert reviewer Juan Bagnell, is finally just a week or so away from challenging its domestic arch-rival stateside.

Two of America’s four major wireless service providers have simultaneously come out with LG V30 availability specifics, while Verizon and Sprint remain all silent and mysterious for the time being.

AT&T will get an important head start on T-Mobile, as the latter is merely set to kick off pre-orders on October 5, with online and offline inventory due out on the 13th. In contrast, Ma Bell’s physical stores promise to stock the V30 as early as October 6, following a limited online debut on the 5th.

In terms of retail pricing, the two operators circle the same $800 mark, though technically, T-Mo charges 10 bucks less. Namely, $80 down and $30 a month for two years on an Equipment Installment Plan, amounting to exactly eight Benjamins, compared to $27 a month for 30 months with Next agreements, which totals $810.

Beyond carrier competition, it’s essential to highlight the LG V30 manages to lowball Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 in the US as well, also hooking up early adopters with free Daydream View VR headsets. Those are first-gen models, presumably, straight from LG, although T-Mobile oddly mentions nothing about its variant of the 6-inch “FullVision” flagship qualifying for the deal.

Meanwhile, AT&T does the BOGO dance right off the bat, letting Next signers buy one unit and get a second one for free… if they also subscribe to DirecTV service.

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