LG V30 marketing campaign taking shape with Joseph Gordon-Levitt once again

The LG V20 was able to double its US sales pace from the V10. Good enough reason to keep an advertising gig alive for the third year in a row, right?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s HITRECORD production firm has gotten another campaign contract for LG. Even though it’s not explicitly mentioned, we think we’re going to get the V30 shown off in crazy commercials featuring clips sourced from his crowd. The project this time is called “Find Your Frame.”

Gordon-Levitt describes his interpretation of what the vision is going to be:

[…] it’s about the artistic impulse that guides the person behind the camera before they hit the record button. I believe everyone has these artistic impulses – everyone has a unique creative perspective – so everyone can get involved in this project, whether you think of yourself as a cinematographer, or not.”

HITRECORD also created ads for the LG V10 in the vein of “In-Between Moments” and for the V20 with a theme of “Everyday, Spectacular.”

You can learn more about what the company is looking for and contribute your own clips at the source link below.

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