f/1.6 aperture shown on European LG V30 EXIF data

We like consistency just as much as most other people, especially where it counts. Take specs: when a company promotes its smartphone camera to have a fixed f/1.6 aperture, you’d hope that you’d be able to produce an aperture of f/1.6 for every shot.

Early review units of the LG V30, though, have been exhibiting an aperture of f/1.7 on the main 16-megapixel rear camera unit in picture EXIF data. As the f-number is simply the focal length divided by the diameter of the entrance pupil, there could’ve possibly been a slight manufacturing flaw. EXIF can also be somewhat bug-prone as well, so there’s plenty of leeway for the company to explain and fix the problem.

So it has to Android Central as an LG spokesperson “confirmed” the aperture on the V30 to be f/1.6. No explanations were given about this issue, though the outlet did post EXIF data of a picture from one of its European V30 units that showed the correct aperture figure.

Is the controversy over? It could be definitively put to an end with a teardown of the camera unit, sure. Regardless, though, we’d be happy to call it over — the pictures should speak louder than the numbers, you know. Our Real Camera Review is coming right up.

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