LG V30 gets its own Android 8.0 Oreo preview program ahead of official December update

For a company that enjoyed the honor of releasing the world’s first smartphone to run Android Nougat out the box last year, LG has been awfully quiet with regard to its Oreo update plans so far this fall.

Exactly one year ago next week, the chaebol started bringing official build N goodies to the G5 after deploying the V20 in several key global markets, and yet there’s no sign of the latest OS version making its way OTA to either the V30 or G6 by the end of the month.

Instead, the 7.1.2-powered LG V30 is slated for a stable and polished software platform upgrade in Korea sometime in December, following a public preview program initiated today.

Unfortunately, beta tests are only open in the OEM’s homeland, unlike Samsung’s much wider Galaxy S8 and S8+ Oreo sneak peek, available in the US and UK alongside South Korea.

LG is making the beta registration process a breeze, letting volunteers tap on a banner aptly named “LG OS Preview” from within the “Quick Help” menu. As far as we can tell, invitations are unlimited, and prompt messages for the installation of an unrefined new “Software Update” will be sent out at some point this month.

Subscribers to all major Korean carriers are welcome to test-drive and help improve Android 8.0 for the LG V30, with sadly no word on an expansion to other countries or devices like the G6.

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