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LG V20 vs LG G5 quick comparison: The V20 doesn’t need any ‘Friends’ (Video)

By Adrian Diaconescu September 6, 2016, 9:35 pm

Flying solo to a market in desperate need of a non-exploding hero device may have been the right call for LG after the colossal G5 and Friends flop, with the V20 at least seemingly building on V10’s undeniable strengths while keeping gimmicks to a minimum.

Of course, any early comparison, in lack of rigorous testing and lengthy real-life examination, can be highly subjective and, at the end of the day, prove flat-out wrong. But the LG V20 undoubtedly improves on G5’s dubious primer paint-including construction with a legit metal back, not requiring costly accessories to deliver premium audio through a standard headphone jack.


B&O earbuds would definitely help, but even by itself, the dual screen-sporting phablet looks (or rather sounds) like a loud, sharp, background noise-reducing beast. And a video-shooting powerhouse, and a selfie pro with plenty of neat tricks up its sleeve, and a presumably longer-lasting device than both its cousin and forerunner.

All in all, we might be dealing with a no contest here… at a first glance, according to our own Juan Carlos Bagnell:

LG V20 vs LG G5 Quick Comparison Video


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