The LG V20 is one of our most anticipated phones of the year, and we’ve already produced a handful of first look and quick comparison videos. We haven’t seen the packaging yet though, nor have we gone through the process of setting one up. Our initial videos were produced using an engineering sample, and now we’re finally able to take a look at what LG’s unlocked retail packaging will look like. Plus, we’ll take a second listen to those B&O earbuds that some markets will receive with a V20 purchase.

Also, a little inside baseball, with so many people asking us questions about this phone, we felt it was important to briefly discuss our review process, and why we haven’t produced more coverage or a Real Camera Review on this phone yet.

LG V20: Unboxing, setup, and why we don’t have a full review yet…

LG V20 Hands On
LG V20 Camera Tour
LG V20 Audio Tour
LG V20 & LG G5 Quick Comparison
LG V20 & LG V10 Quick Comparison

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