Will we have to wait until October 21 to see the LG V20 hit the shelves in the US? Ideally, it’d all be sooner for us to grab a retail unit and review it. But unless we’re going to Korea to buy one, we’re probably not seeing that action for a bit.

The Korea Times reports that LG’s home market will see the V20 on sale starting September 29 at the price of ₩899,000 ($804), a 12.5 percent increase in price from the V10. It’s not a good sign for us who paid between $600 and $700 for that phone, but the figure’s still lower than what the Galaxy Note 7 has gone for.

“The price for the new V series went up, due to improved camera and audio functions,” said an unnamed telco official. “But it remains to be sen whether this will put a damper on its sales.”

Keep in mind that the Bang & Olufsen H3 earbuds will also be bundled in for these customers, a ₩279,000 ($250) value. Carrier subsidies are just the cherry on top.

Since LG won’t be able to loop in the H3 earbuds for US customers, we may hope to see a little price chop. Wishful thinking, no?

Source: The Korea Times
Via: Phandroid

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