We finally have a real production version of the LG V20. Hardware destined to be handled by real consumers. No longer are we toying with pre-release or engineering samples. It’s time to dig into this phone for some real analysis, and what better place to start than by assessing the audio claims made by LG.

Last year’s V10 was a surprising entry in the multimedia market. LG had a rather poor reputation for audio fidelity opposite leaders like Apple and HTC. With one phone they completely flipped the script on what consumers should expect from mobile audio. LG looks to continue that reputation with the V20, showcasing improvements to the speaker, and producing videos on the benefits of a 32 bit Quad DAC. We can’t speak to any brain scans LG might have performed, we’re not really outfitted to test gadgets that way, but we can tell you what our ears experienced.

Running our suite of synthetic benchmarks, amp tests, and recording speaker samples, it’s time folks. It’s time to deliver our verdict on the V20’s audio capabilities.

LG V20 Real Audio Review: The headphone king?

LG V20 vs LG V10
LG V20 Audio Features Tour
LG V20 Speaker Samples

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