Latest LG V20 render confirms the ticker screen isn’t going anywhere

High-quality press renders are nice and all, but at least in theory, they’re also easy to fabricate and tamper with. After two separate rounds of such images leaked from fairly credible sources however, today’s third practically confirms the full-frontal appearance of the LG V20.

As always, we have to thank living industry legend Evan Blass, aka @evleaks, for spoiling another top-tier mobile OEM’s surprises ahead of a September 6 launch event in San Francisco. Unfortunately, the most interesting, controversial and potentially appealing part of the dual screen phablet, its rear, continues to hide in plain sight, leaving us wondering whether it’ll ultimately borrow from the G5 or V10.

Ironically, the face of the unreleased device doesn’t especially resemble either of its predecessors, instead oddly taking a couple of cues from… the BlackBerry Z30?!? But the V10’s secondary ticker display is also obviously there, hopefully less gimmicky and more practical than last year, while the thick chin once again supports the G5-inspired modularity theory.

It remains to be seen if perhaps the LG V20 will be getting some new “Friends”, and other important enhancements and upgrades besides pre-installed Android 7.0 Nougat, Quad DAC, and “premium” B&O Play audio tweaks. By the way, the V10’s unusual dual front-facing camera looks to have been standardized and cut in half.

Source: Twitter

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