AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon all have spectrum in the AWS-3 bands, but they’re not using it just yet as they build out spectrum across lower and high frequencies as well as their AWS-1 bands (in LTE terms, Band 4).

Well, a swift kick in the pants from LG may get the gears cranking. The company can also claim another first — you know, besides the whole “native Android Nougat phone” deal.

FCC Office of Engineering and Technology filings show that its upcoming V20, soon to serve all three networks, will support LTE Band 66, a key part of that empty, unused (at least by those carriers) AWS-3 band. There’s also a portion of Band 66 that is part of AWS-4 downlink spectrum, which Dish Network owns.

All of this to say that what may be a useless radio today or tomorrow could be the stimulus for networks to stop bragging about LTE-Advanced this and technology that and just build more towers and give us more signal, please.

The listing also indicates that we are clearly nearing more availability info that we can act upon.

Source: FCC
Via: Phone Scoop

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