LG V20 gets rendered in protective attire now, as premium B&O Play audio is confirmed

With IFA 2016 right around the corner, and a number of exciting smartphone and smartwatch announcements coming to Berlin from high-profile OEMs like Samsung, Huawei or Lenovo, it’s easy to forget about LG’s big post-trade show launch event.

After all, the V20 looked a tad underwhelming in its first round of leaked high-quality renders a few weeks ago, strongly resembling the G5 instead of building on the V10’s unique visual strengths. On the bright side, the looming dual display phablet’s very early Nougat integration and many sound enhancements should fire up Android purists and audiophiles respectively.

The latter group apparently has a “premium” B&O Play sound experience to look forward to in addition to a one-of-a-kind mobile Quad DAC setup. Bang & Olufsen will supply “best-in-class audio functions” to the LG V20, as well as a special pair of top-tier earphones as standard.

Back to the phone’s somewhat controversial aesthetics, we give you a fresh new series of credible press-friendly renders, this time starring the V20 neatly tucked into a drop-proof uniform. The rugged case offers a largely obstructed view at the 5.5-incher’s rear and profile while “confirming” a circular fingerprint reader, G5-inspired dual cam arrangement, secondary “ticker” screen, and pretty massive chin likely capable of disengaging for modular accessory annexation.

Admit it, the purported LG V20 design is starting to grow on you.

Sources: LG, Petra
Via: Phandroid

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