LG V20 Camera Tour: the “peak” of performance (Video)

Shooting video with the LG V10 was simply a treat. It gave us control over every aspect we’ve been used to for still photography — but for video. It gave us control over the audio we recorded. And it gave YouTubers, indie filmmakers and industrious folk another tool in their camera arsenal. It got bonus points for letting them check Facebook, too.

Well, here comes the LG V20. It has all of the above, but better. The hardware, for instance, nets us an extra camera with a 135° wide-angle lens. Shooting stills is a breeze. Video is still a breeze if not a gust, to extend the metaphor. In addition to gain control, audio can now be filtered on low pass and limited to cut down on peaking. Speaking of peaking, the visuals side features focus peaking!

Get an overdose of what’s new on the LG V20’s camera with Juan Carlos Bagnell and his camera tour:

LG V20 Camera Tour Video

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