LG V20 Audio Tour: four DACs and 15 dBs of difference (Video)

The LG V10 was one of the first mainstream smartphones — nevermind smartphones, period — to put the audio experience first. It had a 32-bit DAC provided by ESS Technology that did a great job pumping clean, hot waveforms out.

Well, hello Hi-Fi redux.

ESS is back with its SABRE ES9218 product, a Quad DAC system, inside the LG V20. It’s said to cut noise and distortion down by 50 percent. It also provides the same 75 levels of volume adjustment, plus the left-right balancing found on the V10. FLAC? It plays that. ALAC? Yep. AIFF? That, too. How about DSD? Whatever that is, Sony… sure.

The three microphones on the V20 might be the show-stealers, though, with a low-cut filter, a limiter and 15 decibels of extra dynamic range over the V10. Safe to say that the recording app on this thing is more sophisticated to fit all these features in.

There’s plenty to hear about the LG V20 in the days ahead, but let’s hear our Juan Carlos Bagnell’s first impressions of what this phone can yell:

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