You can probably expect Oreo to roll out for the LG V20 in August in North America

Back in the day considered a software support champion, LG took an excruciatingly long time to upgrade the G6 to the newest Android flavor, especially stateside. The Korean company’s other 2017 flagship phone was also a little late to the official (and stable) Oreo party, while the  V20 has yet to receive a single major OS promotion.

Of course, that’s because the LG V20 was the world’s surprising first device to run Nougat out the box in the fall of 2016. Still, it’s disheartening to see such a powerful mobile product stuck with the same OS version for almost two whole years.

It seems that the wait for Oreo will finally be over next month, at least on Canadian mobile network Fido. The Rogers-owned carrier “expects” to be able to start the Android 8.0 rollout in August, which probably means other telcos stateside and up north are also close to wrapping up their update optimization work.

The LG V20 was supported by the entire US “Big Four” club, so depending on your choice of wireless service provider, you may have to wait longer than Fido’s subscribers. Hopefully, the increasingly painful Nougat memory will be left behind around the world by the time Android P is generally released. Then again, LG also needs to upgrade the G5, and the clock is ticking. It almost feels like Samsung did a good job after all.

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