LG V10 starts receiving Marshmallow goodies in Korea and Turkey

As the first device manufacturer to officially roll out Android 6.0 outside the Nexus family, LG was probably expected to do a much better job in bringing the V10’s software up to date. Yet here we are, five whole months into availability of both Marshmallow and the ultra-high-end 5.7-incher, and around the world, the phone’s once proud owners remain stuck on ancient Lollipop.

But don’t despair just yet, with M sightings finally reported in the OEM’s homeland, plus Turkey of all places. No early love for Poland this time around, and of course, US carrier-locked variants have extra weeks, perhaps months to wait.

While we’re not exactly fluent in either Korean or Turkish, Google Translate helps up navigate through the massive changelog of the equally massive LG V10. Tipping the scales at over 800MB, the Android Marshmallow makeover comes with all the battery life, security and performance optimizations designed by Google for stock use, including Doze Mode, Direct Share, customizable app permissions, and Now on Tap cards.

LG has a bunch of proprietary UI tweaks in store too, though overall, it doesn’t sound like there’s a lot of new bloat to weigh the user experience down. Knock Code is modified in a way that might actually burden its handling rather than enhance privacy, now requiring six taps in at least three different quarters to recognize a locking pattern.

Meanwhile, LG Bridge is renamed as AirDrive for some reason, and QMemo+ becomes Capture+. Please, LG, tell us you intend to spread the update worldwide before the G5 launches commercially.

Sources: LG Korea, LG Destek
Via: Android Police

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