LG V10 scores Android 7.0 Nougat a little sooner than expected, at least in Korea

It’s probably too late now for LG to try to bring the 2015-released V10 phablet back into the spotlight and sell some more units, but as the old saying goes, it’s never too late for sweet Nougaty loving.

Quite on the contrary, as we were under the impression Android 7.0 software updates would start rolling out to the LG V10 in the year’s “second half”, i.e. no earlier than July, followed by the even older G4 sometime during Q3, i.e. after September.

Those still-distant ETAs are likely good for wide-scale, global Nougat distribution, with the Korean device manufacturer and its domestic mobile carrier partners ready to get the ball rolling regionally for the time being.

Folks rocking F600L, F600K and F600S variants of the Snapdragon 808-powered 5.7-incher shouldn’t wait very long for over-the-air UI makeovers, as the goodie pack is free to download via the LG Bridge sync tool for Windows PCs and Mac computers.

Granted, it’s a little sad to see the 7.1 OS build remain so unpopular and irrelevant, but considering the advanced age of this particular phone, a 7.0 upgrade, LG UX 5.0+ revisions included, will absolutely quench its users’ thirst for new features, performance enhancements, security patches and other stuff like that. You’re getting multi-window functionality, smart data saving capabilities, notification direct reply, the whole shebang.

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